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S.01 1939-45 Star EF 10.00
S.02 1939-45 Star GVF 6.00
S.03 Atlantic Star EF 30.00
S.04 Atlantic Star GVF 25.00
S.05 Africa Star AEF 14.00
S.06 Africa Star GVF 8.00
S.07 Pacific Star EF 35.00
S.08 Pacific Star GVF 25.00
S.09 Burma Star EF 20.00
S.10 Burma Star GVF 18.00
S.11 Italy Star AEF 14.00
S.12 Italy Star GVF 6.00
S.13 France and Germany Star EF 20.00
S.14 France and Germany Star GVF 15.00
S.15 Defence Medal EF 15.00
S.16 Defence Medal GVF 10.00
S.17 War Medal 1939-45 EF 10.00
S.18 War Medal 1939-45 GVF 6.00
S.19 King's Badge for War Service, 1939-45 NEF 10.00
S.20 War Medal 1939-45 - Canadian issue - in silver AEF 27.00
S.21 India Service Medal  GVF 14.00
S.22 India Service Medal                        Some surface scratches, thus VF 10.00
S.23 New Zealand War Service Medal  GVF 30.00


S.24 Air Crew Europe EF 60.00
S.25 France & Germany EF 15.00
S.26 1st Army EF 12.00
S.27 8th Army EF 12.00
S.28 North Africa 1942-43 EF 15.00
S.29 Burma EF 18.00
S.30 Pacific EF 18.00
S.31 Atlantic EF 70.00


S.32 Three: P/MX.535797 W. Hutchinson, Royal Navy
1939-45 Star, Burma Star and War Medal 1939-45

In the Royal Navy box of issue with Admiralty enclosure slip. Gateshead, Co. Durham address.

NEF 60.00
S.33 Three: P/JX.86070 H.A.A. Smith, Royal Navy
1939-45 Star, Africa Star and War Medal 1939-45

In the Royal Navy box of issue with Admiralty enclosure slip - an (unsuccessful) attempt has been made to erase the name and (a Wandsworth, London) address. 
From the grouping, it is likely that the recipient was either a PoW and/or was discharged wounded/sick.

NEF 65.00
S.34 five: C/JX.317018 E.S. Allworthy, Royal Navy
1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star with clasp "North Africa 1942-43" Pacific Star and War Medal 1939-45

In the Royal Navy box of issue with Admiralty enclosure slip: Hounslow, Middlesex address. 

GVF/NEF 90.00
S.35 Six: JX.255558 F.E. Squires, Royal Navy
1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, Burma Star, Italy Star and War Medal 1939-45

In the Royal Navy box of issue with Admiralty enclosure slip: Chelmsford, Essex address

GVF/NEF 100.00


S.36 Three: Harold Herbert Morris
1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star and War Medal 1939-45
With (Secretary of State for Trade) award slip and enclosure letter from the General Register & Record Office of Shipping & Seamen, dated 1979.

GVF/NEF 50.00
S.37 Four: Captain F.S. McMillan
1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star clasp "North Africa 1942-43" and War Medal 1939-45 - Canadian
(silver) issue 
With enclosure letter from the Canadian Department of Transport, Ottawa, addressed  to the recipient at 524 Georgia Street, Vallerjo, California, USA.
With a large quantity of other original documentation. This includes a US Non-Immigrant Visa (dated 22nd May 1942) with photograph, a Navigators and Engineer Officers' Union Membership Book (dated 11th November 1943), a "Minute of Agreement" between the Duke of Montrose and the recipient, appointing him as Pier Master on the Isle of Arran, Scotland (dated 18th September 1944), a US Resident Alien's Border Crossing Identification Card (dated 19th October 1947) with photograph, a Seafarers' International Union of North America membership certificate (dated 15th June 1950), his British Seaman's Identity Card (dated 15th February 1955) with photograph, a US Coast Guard License "To operate or Navigate Motorboats Carrying Passengers" (dated 26th June 1957) and his Merchant Navy and Airline Officers' Association Membership Book (dated 24th January 1962).
Francis Stanley McMillan was born at Renfrewshire, Scotland in January 1912. He moved to the USA in 1947 and from 1955 to 1960 was employed by the Red Stack Towing Company and The United Towing Company (both of San Francisco). Amongst the documentation is a Soldier's Service and Pay Book (AB64), which shows that he (somehow) served as a Private in the Gordon Highlanders (2888646) from the 15th August 1940 to the 24th July 1944, with no service abroad.

MINT 200.00


S.38 Two: 925642 Cpl. R.W. Renowden, Royal Air Force
Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-45 
In (Air Ministry) box of issue with award slips: Helston, Cornwall address
With two, small, original photographs: one thought to be of the recipient and the other of a servicewoman in WRAF uniform. These are mounted on matching plastic brooches - one of which is damaged.         medals GVF/NEF


S.39 Defence Medal: Miss L.E. Bland
In Medical Services and A.T.S. Records box of issue (London address) with an Under-Secretary of State for War enclosure slip. 

NEF 20.00
S.40 Two: S.H. Trimby
Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-45
In (flattened RA) box of issue with award slip: Enfield, Middlesex address.

GVF 30.00
S.41 Five: 1671200 Sjt. G. Rollings, Royal Artillery
1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45 and Geo.Vl
(1st type) Efficiency Medal with "Territorial" suspender
WWll medals in RA box of issue with award slip: Bexleyheath, Kent address
EM(T) is in its named box of  issue, which shows an Army Order date of August 1941. Correspondence with the group indicates that he was awarded a bar to his Efficiency Medal in 1947 - unfortunately this is missing.
With the medals awarded to his wife for service with the Royal Air Force during the Second World War:
Two: 451689 LACW. E.W. Rollings, RAF
Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-45
In Air Ministry box of issue with award slips: same Bexleyheath address
With an RAF cap badge and a pair of RAF cufflinks - these in a jeweller's case.
With various photocopied photographs - and interesting, personal information on George and Edith Annie Rollings, supplied by a family member.

NEF 175.00
S.42 Six: Harkabahadur Tamang, The Gurkha Regiment
1939-45 Star, Burma Star, War Medal 1939-45 & India Service Medal
(all four medals unnamed as issued), GSM 1918-62 (Geo.Vl issue) with clasp "Malaya" (21138136 Cpl. Hakabahadur Tamang, 7 G.R.) and Indian Independence Medal, 1947 (79748 Rfn. Harkabahadur Tamang, 1/7 G.R.)
With photocopied, very detailed, service papers
Harkabahadur Tamang enlisted in November 1942 and served for over twenty years, his service alternating between India (six postings) and Malaya (six postings), plus over a year in Hong Kong (November 1959 to August 1961). He was discharged, as a Warrant Officer, in January 1963 - his service having been "Exemplary".
The papers show the award of a Long Service & Good Conduct Medal- unfortunately missing from the group.
There are contact marks and surface scratches to all the medals, as is often the case with Gurkha groups.

about VF 145.00
S.43 Seven: S.J. Keen
1939-45 Star, Africa Star with "1st Army" clasp, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45, Geo.Vl
(1st type) Efficiency  Medal with "Militia" suspender (1985881 Sjt. R.E.) and Service Medal of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, in silvered base metal (36071 Pte. B'ham S.J.A.B. 1947).
Mounted for display - all original ribbons. 

GVF 175.00
S.44 Seven: George A.F. Whale
WWl British War Medal & Victory Medal
(268177 Spr. G.A.F. Whale, R.E.), 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45 and Geo.Vl (1st type) Efficiency  Medal with "Militia" suspender (2320364 Cpl. G.A.F. Whale, R. Signals).
With photocopied WWl Medal Index Card (which confirms entitlement to the pair only) and a 1953-1954 Ministry of Food Ration Book named to Albert F. Whale (with a Shepway, Maidstone, Kent address) - link unknown. 
The medals are in reasonable (GVF) condition - but there are some contact marks.