Clasp: "Burma 1885-7"

A.01 2499 Pte. J. Johnstone, 1st Bn., Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Named in running script.
Medal & clasp entitlement confirmed by the Medal Roll - copy of the entry supplied. With copy Attestation Papers.
John Johnstone was born at Dunse, in the County of Berwick. He enlisted at Woolwich on the 28th January 1880. He served in India from the 16th August 1880 to the 1st November 1885, in Burma from the nd November 1885 to the 27th August 1886 and again in India from the 28th August 1886 to the 11th March 1887.

GVF 235.00


No clasps

A.02 1860 Pte. J. Gumbrill, 2/15th Foot
Not researched at time of listing

GVF 195.00

No clasps

A.03 Sepoy Hecra (2), 20th Regiment, N.I.  GVF 120.00

Clasps: Charasia & Kabul

A.04 Naik Khooshiatl Singh, 28th Regiment, N.I. - in running script
  obverse polished (about GF), reverse is GVF



Undated reverse, with clasp: Suakin 1885

A.05 5228 A. Page, 1st Coldstream Guards
Rank has been erased from naming
No contact marks from a Khedive's Star

GVF 190.00

Undated reverse, with clasps: Suakin 1885 & Tofrek


A.06 Dated 1882 GVF 85.00
A.07 Dated 1884 GVF 85.00
A.08 Dated 1884-86 GVF 85.00
A.09 Undated with "Tokar" clasp GVF+ 200.00


No Clasps: 

A.10 29527 Pte. J. Middleton, Rand Rifles NEF 90.00

Clasp: : Cape Colony 

A.11 289 Pte. H.H. Gould, Coldstream Guards
With photocopy of the Medal Roll entry - (which shows that he also qualified for the clasp "South Africa 1902") and photocopied Service Papers.
Herbert Henry Gould was born at Wilton, Somerset in 1875 and was serving with the 3rd Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry when the Boer War started in October 1899. He served with the Coldstream Guards in South Africa from the 16th January to the 6th October 1902. He had been promoted to Lance Sergeant in March 1901, but reverted to Private seven months later. He was discharged on the 25th October 1907.
Herbert Gould also served in the First World War, initially with the Somerset Light Infantry and then with the Military Foot Police (P.10836). He landed in France on the 26th January 1915, was wounded three months later and repatriated to England. He returned to France and was promoted Lance Corporal (M.F.P.) on the 1st June 1917. His Medal Index Card
(photocopy supplied) shows that he qualified for a 1914-15 Star trio (M.F.P.).

GVF 135.00

Clasp: Transvaal 

A.12 6223 Pte. H. Pickange, The Queen's
Medal & clasp entitlement confirmed by the Medal Roll - copy of entry supplied.
Herbert Pickange re-enlisted on the 17th November 1914 but was discharged from the 21st Battalion, Royal Fusiliers a few months later. He qualified for a Silver War Badge - photocopy of the SWB Roll entry supplied.

GVF 100.00

Clasps: Cape Colony & Orange Free State 

A.13 5287 Pte. J. Poole, 17th Lancers
Private Poole was severely wounded at Tarkastad on the 17th September 1901.
Lord Kitchener's despatch of the 8th October 1901, details the action:
On the 17th September 1901 Smuts' commando arrived at Modderfontein, eighteen miles north-west of Tarkastad, where the Boers made a most determined attack upon a squadron of the 17th Lancers, under Major Sandeman, posted to close all egress to the south. The enemy being dressed in khaki were taken for our own troops and got to close quarters, with the advantage of ground, before the mistake was discovered. Thus taken at a great disadvantage, our men offered a most gallant resistance, and worthily maintained the traditions of their regiment. The losses of the squadron were very severe, 3 officers and 20 men being killed, and 2 officers and 30 men wounded. The Boers, who had evidently made the attack in order to elude the close pursuit to which they were subjected, also suffered heavily before the approach of another squadron of the 17th Lancers compelled them to break off the engagement.
With nine colour photographs of the military cemetery and the 17th Lancers memorial at Tarkastad.

Medal & clasp entitlement
confirmed by the Medal Roll - copy of entry supplied. A supplementary Roll shows that he also qualified for a South Africa 1902 clasp.
           A few, minor surface scratches and one small edge nick, otherwise

GVF 300.00

Clasps: Cape Colony & South Africa 1902

A.14 5621 Pte. J.H. Winterford, 17th Lancers
Medal & clasp entitlement confirmed by the Medal Roll - copy of entry supplied. The Roll has his surname as "Winterflood".
                                                 Some minor surface scratches, otherwise

GVF 200.00

Clasps: Cape Colony, Transvaal & Wittebergen

A.15 4494 Pte. S. Haslewood, 17th Lancers
Private Haslewood was wounded at Strydfontein on the 2nd December 1900. Medal & clasp entitlement confirmed by the Medal Roll - copy of entry supplied. He also qualified for the King's South Africa Medal with both date clasps. Both Medal Rolls have his initial as "H".
                                     A 'ghost dates' medal with minor surface scratches.

GVF 250.00

Clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal & Laing's Nek

A.16 4469 Pte. T. Burns, Lancashire Fusiliers
Served with the 2nd Battalion. Medal & clasp entitlement confirmed by the Medal Roll. He also qualified for the King's South Africa Medal with Khartoum clasp. 

GVF 160.00


Geo.V issue - Clasp: Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919

A.17 550 L/Nk. Kirpa Singh, 1/69 Punjabis. Some surface scratches, thus GVF 55.00


Geo.Vl issue: clasp Palestine 1945-48
A.18 14034059 Pte. J.D. Woodhouse, Cheshire Regiment
The Medal Roll shows 2nd Battalion - photocopy of entry supplied.
                                          A few, very minor surface scratches, otherwise

GVF/NEF 75.00
Geo.Vl issue: clasp Palestine 1945-48
A.19 14975412 Pte. C. Bentley, Foresters
Medal Roll confirms - photocopy of entry supplied.

GVF 75.00
Geo.Vl issue: clasp Palestine 1945-48
A.20 14087630 Pte. J.A. Watson, R.M.P
On original ribbon - in box of issue

MINT 120.00
Geo.Vl issue: clasp Malaya
A.21 1274370 Act. Cpl. A.S. Chapman, R.A.F.
Usual R.A.F. naming style

GVF 60.00
A.22 22542961 Tpr. F. Mills, 13th/18th Hussars toned GVF 105.00
Geo.Vl issue: clasp Malaya and Cyprus
A.23 T/22234514 Dvr. J.W. Hyde, R.A.S.C.
The second clasp is correctly fitted.

GVF/AEF 120.00
EllR issue: clasp Malaya
A.24 22148433 Sigmn. D. Quelch, Royal Signals
Mounted loose-style, as worn - as a single medal. 
                      Some light polishing scratches to the obverse, otherwise

GVF+ 60.00
A.25 23444829 Tpr. A. Brook, K.D.G. AEF 115.00
A.26 23123442 Pte. S.G. Duncan, R.A.O.C.              minor eks., thus GVF 65.00
A.27 23564644 Pte. J.E. Ryan, R.A.O.C. GVF/AEF 65.00
A.28 23307862 Pte. A.J. Stevens, R.A.P.C.       small ek to obverse, thus GVF 70.00
A.29 23001729 Pte. M.E. Tuttle, R.A.P.C. NEF 75.00
A.30 1872015 S/Sgt. W.W. Kelly, R.E. GVF 65.00
EllR issue: clasps: Cyprus & Near East
A.31 23279998 Spr. P. Leonard, R.E.
The second clasp is correctly fitted

GVF/AEF 140.00


Clasp: Northern Ireland

24912639 Rgr. T.A. Braiden, Royal Irish
Mounted as worn

AEF 140.00

24482799 Pte. S.W. Burcombe, U.D.R. - Ulster Defence Regiment

GVF 120.00

24548905 L/Cpl. J. Franklin, A.A.C. - Army Air Corps
Mounted as worn and in named box of issue.

EF 145.00

23986396 Cpl. J.B. Coleman, Q.D.G.
Mounted as worn.                                       One edge bruise, otherwise

NEF 125.00

24256691 Tpr. K. Ramm, 15/19 Hussars

GVF 120.00

24197743 Fus. J. Wood, R.R.F.
The medal is mounted court-style, for display
                                                               A few minor contact marks, otherwise 

GVF 70.00

24209940 Tpr. A. Eastell, R.T.R. 

GVF 115.00

24302800 Dvr. L. Davis, R.C.T.              two small eks., otherwise

GVF 65.00

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