IT.01 Order of Vittorio Veneto
Ordine di Vittorio Veneto
The order was instituted in 1968, with the single rank of Knight, "to express the grateful thanks of the nation" to those who had fought in the First World War for at least six months and who had been awarded the War Merit Cross.

GVF £25.00
War Merit Cross
IT.02 Croce al Merito di Guerra - WWl issue GVF £25.00
IT.03 Croce al Merito di Guerra - WWl issue     neat repair to suspender GVF £20.00
IT.04 Croce al Merito di Guerra - WWl issue VF £15.00
IT.05 War Medal 1915-1918
Medaglia della Guerra 1915-1918

GVF £20.00
IT.06 WWl Victory Medal
Medaglia della Vittoria

GVF £15.00
IT.07 Medal for the Unification of Italy, 1848-1918
Medaglia a Ricordo dell'Unità d'Italia, 1848-1918
Official version - in bronze                              some surface scratches, thus

VF+ £12.00
IT.08 Medal for the War Volunteer
Medaglia di Volontario di Guerra
- undated issue

GVF £25.00
IT.09 Italian Medal for the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
Medaglia Commemorativa della Campagna di Spagna, 1936-1939

The medal was instituted on the 5th September 1942, to recognise the service of members of the Italian Legion in the Spanish Civil War.
                                                             A few minor contact marks, otherwise

GVF £38.00

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