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L.01 # RN 40068
Awarded to ES41 Eng. T.S. Dyason, Royal Naval Reserve

Albert Dyason from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, joined the RNR on the 18th July 1912. His very detailed Service Record shows that he served on a number of vessels and finally at Chatham before being discharged on the 17th June 1919, suffering from chronic deafness in both ears.

GVF+ 35.00
L.02 # RN 4878
Awarded to 2889 Sgt. T.W. Freeman, Royal Marine Artillery

Thomas Freeman from Loughborough enlisted into the RMA on the 3rd May 1886. He had  long military career, covering many ships and places around the world before being transferred to the Royal Fleet Reserve on the 25th May 1907. His decorations included a LSGC medal. Recalled to the colours on the 2nd August 1914, he served until the 16th June 1915, when he was invalided with a brain injury. Thomas Freeman was born in 1866 and died in 1927.
The catch is broken

EF 40.00
L.03 # RAF 5537
Awarded to 97738 Pte.2 J. Creighton, Royal Air Force
James Creighton from Carlisle enlisted into the Royal Flying Corps on the 1st October 1917. He transferred to the Royal Air Force on the 1st April 1918, when he was recorded as serving with the 7th Training Depot Station. He was discharged as unfit on the 13th March 1919. James Creighton was born in 1884 and died in 1942
Pin is present but broken in the middle

GVF 40.00
L.04 # 148938
Awarded to 52844 Pte. O. Evans, Cheshire Regiment *

With photocopied SWB Roll entry (J/460)
Oscar Evans enlisted on the 9th December 1915 - first serving with the Shropshire Yeomanry (2824). He was discharged (from the Cheshire Regiment) due wounds on the 24th March 1917. His MIC shows entitlement to a British War Medal & Victory Medal pair.
An unsuccessful attempt to erase the number, otherwise 

GVF 20.00


M.01 Lieutenant E.K. Ford, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
With photocopied Service Sheet.
Ernest Kendall Ford served as a Sub Lieutenant with the Royal Naval Division from the 8th May 1915 until the 24th November 1915, when he was 'transferred for service afloat'. He served on "HMS Southdown" in 1917 (minesweeping operations), on the (paddle) minesweeper "HMS Queen Empress" in 1918 and was 1st Lieutenant on "HMS Lanark" in 1919. He was demobilised on the 7th February 1920.

NEF 90.00
M.02 22663 1 AM. J. Riley, Royal Air Force
With photocopied Service Papers
James Riley, from Newton, Chester, enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps (2 AM) 14th February 1916, transferred to the R.A.F. 1st April 1918 and went over to France 3rd May 1918. 
Service Papers confirm entitlement to the pair only.

GVF 45.00
M.03 21684 1 AM. H. Thompson, Royal Air Force
With photocopied Service Papers
Herbert Thompson from Bath joined the RFC on the 15th March 1916 and served in France from the 24th August 1916 until the 30th January 1919. He transferred to the RAF Reserve on the 2nd March 1919. 

GVF 45.00
M.04 118623 3 AM. F. Bromley, Royal Air Force
With photocopied Service Papers
Frank Bromley, born 1881, lived West Ealing, London, served in France. His papers confirm entitlement to the pair only.

GVF 45.00
M.05 41394 Pte. H.S. Smith, Bedfordshire Regiment
The Medal Index Card (copy supplied) confirms the medal entitlement, and shows service with the 25th Training Reserve Battalion (9/10136).
With a copy of the Medal Roll entry.

GVF 45.00
M.06 13777 A/W.O.Cl.2 T.C. Bond, Royal Lancaster Regiment
Mentioned in dispatches for Salonika
With a copy of the London Gazette entry of the 28th November 1917, and a copy of a photograph of him, in uniform, from the Lancaster Museum KORR Collection headed Sergeant Tom Chetwynd Bond - served 9th Bn.
Medal Iindex Card shows that he landed in France on the 4th September 1915 - his 1914-15 Star is unfortunately missing, as is the MiD emblem.
A scarce MiD award

AEF 150.00
M.07 25169 S.Sjt. H. Marshall, RAMC *
The MIC confirms entitlement to the pair only.

GVF 40.00
M.08 69590 Pte. H.V. Evans, RAMC *
An interesting MIC shows France on the 23rd November 1915, the award of a Silver War Badge and a discharge date of the 27th July 1916. It also shows that he was initially awarded a 1914-15 Star, which was later returned as he was found 'Ineligible'.

NEF 35.00
M.09 49515 Pte. S. Smith, RAMC *
The MIC shows France on the 25th July 1915. It also shows entitlement to a 1914-15 Star trio. The Star is unfortunately missing.

GVF 35.00
M.10 SE-20402 Pte. A. Bartlett, AVC *
The MIC confirms entitlement to the pair only.

GVF 35.00
M.11 SE-30612 Pte. J.H. Davis, AVC *
The MIC confirms entitlement to the pair only.

NEF 35.00
M.12 SE-18234 Pte. H.W. Westover, AVC *
The MIC confirms entitlement to the pair only and shows service with the Army Ordnance Corps (052726).

GVF 35.00